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All of monday's titles are available with free postage and packing on all orders in the UK - overseas buyers please contact us first. In the case of Theodore Dalrymple's books, these are available with free postage and packing anywhere in the world

To purchase, please click on the cover of the book(s) you require and follow the instructions. (if you prefer, you can send a cheque to our postal address, made out to Monday Books Ltd, to cover the cost of the books you require)

Please Note: Where titles have yet to be published, we will not be able to dispatch them until their publication date. Once they have been published, we will aim to dispatch orders within 24 hours.

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Our current titles available to purchase are:
Animal Q.C. by Gary Bell
At The Going Down Of The Sun by Graham Bound
Thick As Thieves by Andrew Penman
May It Please Your Lordship by Toby Potts
Undercover by Pete Ashton
Black Box by Nicholas Faith
The Little Girl In The Radiator by Martin Slevin
Talking Blues by Roger Graeff
The Policeman & The Brothel by Theodore Dalrymple
Wasting More Police Time by PC David Copperfield
Anything Goes by Theodore Dalrymple
Kidnapped by Colin Freeman
Generation F by Winston Smith
On The Edge by Charlie Carroll
The Examined Life by Theodore Dalrymple
Our Man In Orlando by Hugh Hunter
Sick Notes by Dr Tony Copperfield
Second Opinion by Theodore Dalrymple
The Map Of Africa by Eddy Nugent
Not With A Bang But A Whimper by Theodore Dalrymple
So That's Why They Call It Great Britain by Steve Pope
When Science Goes Wrong by Simon LeVay
Perverting The Course Of Justice by Inspector Gadget
The Curse Of The Al Dulaimi Hotel by Colin Freeman
Picking Up The Brass by Eddy Nugent
United States Of Hysteria by Anne Dixey
A Paramedic's Diary by Stuart Gray
In Foreign Fields edited by Dan Collins
Diary Of An On-Call Girl by WPC EE Bloggs
Watching Men Burn by Tony McNally
Me & My Mouth by Austin Healey
Road Trip To Hell by Chris Hughes
Wasting Police Time by PC David Copperfield
It's Your Time You're Wasting by Frank Chalk